Alliance NH Policies

These are the current standing policies for the 2023 season. If you have questions that are not answered below please feel free to reach out to our staff at the chapter or campaign level.

Chapter Policies

Code of Conduct

Statement of Purpose:

It is the intent of Alliance LARP New Hampshire (ALNH) to host events where both players and staff work together to foster a culture of respect, safety, and positive play. Everyone participating in an event hosted by ALNH is expected to join us in our quest towards this goal. This Code of Conduct (CoC) sets expectations of appropriate behavior, and empowers both players and staff to proactively address concerns, issues, and incidents as they occur.

In order to best facilitate positive play, ALNH reserves the right to address violations of this CoC in accordance with ALNH’s Violations Policy, up to and including being banned from attending events.

Positive Play:

All players and staff at ALNH events are expected to foster a Positive Play environment. Our standards for positive play as follows:

1. We respect each other’s space
2. We respect each other’s emotions.
3. We respect each other’s consent.

Positive Play is achieved through words and actions that embody respect. All participants shall respect the space, emotions, and consent of everyone involved in any ALNH event. This includes the players, staff, bystanders, and those who might be hosting or maintaining the event space. All participants shall also extend this respect to the spaces we use.

Positive players treat others as they would like to be treated, and work towards creating an environment for others to do the same. Individuals have differing limits and tolerances and what one person may find upsetting and offensive, another person might not take exception to. Letting others know when their topics, words, and behaviors are causing distress allows them to be aware of the issue and remedy the situation.

Promoting Positive Play

To promote Positive Play and ensure that everyone can best respect the comfort level of all participants we encourage and support any participant that is feeling uncomfortable, distressed, or harassed to express this feeling to others.

If a participant is uncomfortable expressing their discomfort directly we ask that they approach a staff member with their concern so that the staff can address the situation. If informed by another participant or a staff member that something is making others uncomfortable please be respectful of that member of our community and correct the discomforting behavior.

Similarly if any participant feels that another participant poses a danger to their safety, or the safety of the community, we ask that they approach a staff member, in person or via email, with their concern in as specific terms as possible.

We appreciate first hand accounts in any situations to get the best information possible, as well as to avoid hearsay. However, we understand that some participants will be uncomfortable with, or even fearful, of bringing things to our attention and in such cases we encourage others to bring these concerns to us.

In all cases information in circumstances such as these that is brought to a staff member will be kept confidential.

If you feel that a member of ALNH staff has violated our own code of conduct and do not feel comfortable letting another member of staff know, you may contact to reach out to Alliance National Customer Service.


Harassment in any form will not be tolerated. We hold that everyone has the right to experiences free from harassment or the fear of harassment, regardless of factors including but not limited to race/ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, body size, physical appearance, neurotype, age, and/or disability.

Harassment can include, but is not limited to:
1. Continued one-on-one communication after requests to cease
2. The manipulation of photographs or recordings in a manner that may offend, intimidate, embarrass or demean.
3. Verbal, written, or social media comments that may offend, intimidate, embarrass or demean, including those that reinforce social structures of prejudice or domination.
4. Deliberate misgendering or use of ‘dead’, former, or rejected names.
5. Threats of violence.
6. Physical or verbal intimidation and any other behaviors that could reasonably be viewed as abusive.
7. Incitement of violence towards any individual, including encouraging a person to commit suicide or to engage in self-harm.
8. Patterns of inappropriate social contact, such as requesting/assuming inappropriate levels of intimacy with others.
9. Gratuitous or off-topic sexual images or behavior in spaces where they’re not appropriate.
10. Unwelcome attention, either in person or through an online medium.
11. Unwelcome physical contact, sexual attention or simulated physical contact (eg, textual descriptions like “hug” or “backrub”) without consent or after a request to stop.
12. Any other behavior that is disruptive to events or attendees’ enjoyment of events.

Temporary Precautions for Events

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic Alliance LARP NH is implementing some additional practices at our events as safety precautions.

If you have tested positive for Covid 19 in the past two weeks, have been exposed to someone who has had Covid 19 in the past two weeks, or are experiencing unexplainable Covid 19 symptoms please do not attend our event.

As a reasonable accommodation, any attendees who do not provide proof of vaccination will be allowed to participate using a modified version of our Paging System and must wear facial coverings at all times.

All attendees are encouraged to wear facial coverings while participating in combat.

Player Age Restrictions
The site's owners reserve the right to deny any given participant the privilege of remaining on site overnight, at their discretion, regardless of age and the rest of this policy.

The minimum age of players for Alliance NH is 14.

There are some restrictions for the participation of players under the age of 18.
Players under the age 18 will need to have their legal release signed by their parent or legal guardian at Logistics.
They will also need to have a parent or legal guardian on site if they are planning to stay at the site overnight.

There are additional restrictions for the participation of players under the age of 16.
Players under the age of 16 will need to have a parent or legal guardian on site while they are at the site.

Paging Policy (Non-Combatant Player Rules)

Alliance LARP NH has adopted the following Paging System. 

The Paging system allows you to participate in an event as a non-combatant. You play your character as a “Page” while utilizing this system. This means that you are not a valid target for boffer attacks and/or thrown packets. Though you cannot be physically struck during in-game combat, your character is still present during combat and can still be affected by the attacks of other characters as described below.

In order to signify the active use of this policy to other players, anyone playing as a Page will wear an orange headband while in-game.

Pages must attempt to avoid combat whenever it is possible. In addition, other characters may not use you as a “human shield” to avoid attacks. When Paging you may not deal damage or other effects with boffer weapons and/or thrown packets. You may use defensive skills, but you may not use offensive skills and/or abilities except if said skills and/or abilities are touch cast.

A player may choose to use the Paging rules at any time during an event, but once they have chosen to play as a Page, they must remain “Paging” until the next logistics period. During the next logistics period, they may again choose whether they wish to continue playing as a Page or elect to cease using the Paging system.

As stated above, Pages are still present during combat. They can be attacked by other characters, but there are several rules that apply to attacking a Page. First, the attacker must be within melee range of the Page. Second, the attacker must call the word “Page” at the beginning of their activation call, spell verbal, or damage call, and point at their intended target with their weapon, packet, or hand while saying their activation call, spell verbal, or damage call.

“Page, I call upon Earth to grant 5 healing.”
“Page, 5 normal.”

The attacker does not swing their boffer, nor throw a packet when attacking a Page. It is assumed that every weapon and packet attack called in this manner hits the Page. The Page may call any appropriate defensives that they possess in response to such attacks. If you are playing as a Page and you are physically struck in combat, please remind the attacker that you are Paging and cannot physically receive attacks. A Page can be given a Killing Blow and all other rules concerning healing and resurrections apply as well as all in game ramifications.

Event Pricing

Standard fee for a two day event, without pre-registration.

Discounted fee for a two day event, with a $15 pre-registration discount. Pre-registration for an event ends two weeks prior to the start of that event.

Standard fee for a one day event, without pre-registration. This option can be chosen for a full weekend if the player will only be participating for one day.

Discounted fee for a one day event, with a $10 pre-registration discount. This option can be chosen for a full weekend if the player will only be participating for one day. Pre-registration for an event ends two weeks prior to the start that of event.

Pay-No-Play fee for a two day event. This will grant the player character 2 event days worth of experience. This option can only be chosen if the player will not be playing at the event. Pre-registration is required for this option. Pre-registration for an event ends two weeks prior to that event.

Pay No Play fee for a one day event. This will grant the player character 1 event day worth of experience. This option can only be chosen if the player will not be playing at the event. Pre-registration is required for this option. Pre-registration for an event ends two weeks prior to that event.

Standard fee for a secondary character blanket per the Alliance Bylaws. Here is a link to the original announcement post with criteria for these blankets.

Private Event potentially available upon request. Please contact Dustin ( for details.


Below are the rates of compensation for both monetary and physical item donations. Donations can be made via PayPal to

The following tiers are the compensation for the amount spent on a donation, or cash donations. Donations round up or down at the .49/.50 divide. Donations made as a group pool will be divided equally, and then each player will be credited individually according to the chart below.

Less than $24: 3 GS per dollar
$25 to $48: 5 GS per dollar
$49 to $98: 9 GS per dollar
$99 to $148: 10 GS per dollar
$149 to $248: 12 GS per dollar
$249 or more: 15 GS per dollar

White, Blue, and Orange

Packets are valued at $0.50 and bulk donations are compensated at the same tiers as cash and other item donations. Donations made by a group will first be divided evenly among all participating individuals. Compensation will be calculated at the rate relevant to each individual portion.

Packet chart
46 or fewer: 1.5 GS per packet
47 to 96: 2.5 GS per packet
97 to 196: 4 GS per packet
197 to 296: 5 GS per packet
297 to 496: 6 GS per packet
497 or greater: 7.5 GS per packet

Private Events

Alliance LARP NH will host single day private events depending on staff availability.
A private event will cost $300 which is due 1 week prior to the event.
Private events can have up to 12 players. Some staff members in attendance may not count towards this limit.

An attempt to reserve a private event can be made by contacting Dustin ( at least four weeks prior to the date for the proposed event.

For any given date that is available for a private event, the total number of private events played within the past 12 months by players requesting the event will be considered prior to booking the date. The player with the least number of private events played will be allowed to book the event.

The player who books an event may choose to cancel it two or more weeks prior to its date with no penalty. If the player who books a private event chooses to cancel it within two weeks of its date the event will count against the ability to request future events as if it were played by that player. If Alliance LARP NH cancels an upcoming event it will not count as played by any one regardless of when the cancelation occurs. All canceled events will result in a full refund.

Alliance LARP NH’s 3 to 1, PC to NPC ratio policy applies to private events. There will be at least one staff member in attendance to host the event, so the initial attendance cap starts at 3 PCs. In order for additional players to be guaranteed to be able to PC, NPCs may need to be provided by the party. Alliance LARP NH will keep a list of players that are potentially available to NPC and may suggest players to NPC an event. If such an NPC is approved, Alliance LARP NH will invite them to the event.

A party may suggest a desired objective for their event, that Plot may use to create the story for that event, or the party may request that Plot prepare an event without such input.

NPC Shifts

Alliance LARP NH utilizes its NPC participants in shifts. The shifts are as follows:
Friday 10pm -2am

Saturday 10am - 2pm
Saturday 2pm - 6pm
Saturday 9pm - 1am

Sunday 10am - 2pm

If a participant who is registered as a PC completes a full NPC shift they will be rewarded with 120 Goblin Stamps, some treasure, and a personal story about what their character was doing during their shift.

If a participant who is registered as an NPC completes a full shift they will be rewarded with 150 Goblin Stamps and NPC event credit for one of their characters.

Any participant who completes 3 or more full shifts will also be awarded 1 Magic item pick (worth 700 Goblin Stamps).

A participant who is not registered as a PC and also NPCs for the entire weekend will also get an NPC blanket for one of their characters. A player can only have one NPC blanket per month per character.

2.0 Item Conversion Deadline

NH will be allowing conversions of pre 2.0 items into 2.0 items until further notice.

Defunct Chapter/Campaign Ritual Scrolls

If a player turns in a Ritual Scroll from a defunct chapter or campaign, that contains a Ritual Effect within the standard Alliance LARP Rules, they may be issued a replacement NH LCO Ritual Scroll.

Use of this policy will be dependent on having some means of verifying the defunct Ritual Scroll, such as being able to check the chapters closing Magic Item Database, or having access to a former staff member who can validate the Ritual Scroll. If the Ritual Scroll being turned in cannot be validated it cannot be converted.

If the Ritual Scroll being converted is for a Ritual Effect that is currently available for LCO purchase with Goblin Stamps, from Alliance LARP NH’s LCO Ritual Purchase Policy, it will be traded for a Ritual Scroll of the same Ritual Effect.

If the Ritual Scroll being converted is for a Ritual Effect that is not currently available for LCO purchase with Goblin Stamps, from Alliance LARP NH’s LCO Ritual Purchase Policy, it will be converted to 1 Temporary Item Pick and an amount of Temporary Goblin Stamps equivalent to the points that would be generated from following the 2.0 Ritual Scroll conversion process. The resultant Temporary Item Pick and Temporary Goblin Stamps generated from a converted Ritual Scroll can be spent to purchase LCO Ritual scroll(s) from Alliance LARP NH’s LCO Ritual Purchase Policy. Any Temporary Item Picks and/or Temporary Goblin Stamps not used to purchase LCO Ritual Scrolls during this process are not retained and cease to exist at the end of the process.

All Ritual Scroll conversion requests must be submitted to Logistics at least one week prior to the event the replacement scroll(s) are desired. Even with this window we cannot guarantee delivery of the replacement scroll(s) at the desired event due to the nature of needing to verify with sources that are potentially outside of Alliance LARP NH.

Chapterwide LCO effects and Policies

This thread lists and describes the various LCO (Local Chapter Only) Effects and policies that are used at Alliance LARP NH. When additional LCO Effects and Policies are added in game, this list will be updated. Please feel free to leave comments with any questions you may have about any of these LCO Effects.

For safety reasons, a player who wants to restrain a PC or NPC’s hands or legs should not do so in real life, even if both parties are willing. Instead, they should attach a cloth, rope, or other phys rep to their limb(s) without binding their limbs to each other or to anything else. These restraints may have an item tag, but do not need to. A single phys-rep is sufficient to bind all of their limbs. A player can restrain another’s limbs only if they are incapacitated or willing, AND those limbs could be moved. (ex. Paralysis and Sleep - Yes, Prison and Web- No)

A player restrained in this way cannot use in-game skills (including fighting, blocking, and casting spells), manipulate items with their hands, or move from that spot, but they can be moved by others. Players may still roleplay, wriggle, and speak; they are not frozen in place. A shackled player is freed under these conditions:

1. The “Release” effect
2. A player with free hands releases the shackled player on a 3-count
3. A shackled player with “Create Trap” and two working arms visibly role plays trying to free their limbs for 60 uninterrupted seconds of appropriate Focus without taking damage
4. The restraints are successfully shattered by some game effect, such as a spell or an explosive trap. A restrained player cannot have their restraints “disarmed”
5. Resurrection. Note that Doom, Life, Stun Limb, and Restore do NOT remove shackles.

Flurries and Combat Engagement:
Math is hard. Math is especially hard when multiple people are poking you with padded weapons.

In recognition of this, we ask all players who are in combat to limit their flurries of blows to no more than 5 at a time. In addition, we ask all players to not engage a single combatant with more than 4 people simultaneously. It is recommended that players swing one to five times, wait a full second for math to occur, and then proceed with another flurry.

This policy is intended to make culturally explicit the reality of our medium: if everyone is swinging as fast as they can, even the most mathematically-inclined players didn't “get all that”. It is our hope that this policy will continue to keep combat fast, interesting, and competitive, while also reducing human error and making advanced combat accessible for more players.

Gaseous Form:
“Gaseous Form” is a monster ability in Alliance that renders a creature incorporeal and immune to most effects in the game. (ARB p.71)

Since we believe the spirit of this rule is that creatures in gaseous form are obvious, we will instruct NPCs with this ability to cross their claws (not their arms) in front of them to indicate this. The intent is to improve clarity in situations where many monsters have the ability “Gaseous Form”. This is intended as a courtesy, not a requirement; should a player drop this sign temporarily, the creature they portray does not instantly solidify. This policy does not change the rules surrounding this ability in any way.

Some creatures in our world cannot be seen. However, their effect on the world can still be felt.

NPCs in green headbands are “Unseen”, meaning that while these players are in-game, they are portraying an invisible creature or force. Unless a plot member tells you otherwise, these characters are invisible to your character and immune to your weapon and packet attacks.

While Unseen characters, their costuming, and their claws are invisible, objects they hold are not. If an Unseen holds a weapon, shield, or other item in their hands, all characters can see that object floating in the air. If an Unseen knocks over a table or opens a door, that effect can be seen by all even though its source is invisible. Rifting makes an audible “pop”, even when performed by Unseen creatures.

Cinderfel LCO
A character that is affected by the Infect Effect will need to report to a Plot Team Member or a Designated Infection Marshal at the end of the encounter in which the Infect Effect successfully resolved on them. Infect is treated as part of the Necromancy Effect Group.

Earth Island:
Any undead that enters the island, or are created on the island, are affected once every 10 minutes by a destroy undead spell (50 Body) as if touch cast and accepted.

Circles of Power:
There are currently no Greater Circles of Power of either magical aspect within the Cinderfel campaign world.

After getting a Marshal and registering their characters death at The Crafting Station, rather than walking to the, non existent, nearest non-hostile Greater Earth Circle of Power the Spirits of the dead will search for a non-hostile Earth Circle of Power (this does not include Limited Circles of Power) or head directly to one that is known to it. If no such Circles of Power are within the play area some are always available to spirits in locations that are outside of the current play area. Once the spirit has arrived it may enter the circle and be treated in all ways like this circle was a Greater Earth Circle of Power with its caster invested in it.

Similarly casters of a Celestial Circle of Power (this does not include Limited Circles of Power) may treat their circle as if it was a Greater Celestial Circle of Power that they are invested in for the purposes of Identification and may contact a Marshal and head to The Crafting Station to acquire the appropriate tag for the item identified.

Also any Circle of Power may be used to activate a Recall Item ritual effect.

Spirit Scenting:
Wyderkin can sense the general presence of spirits that are in need of resurrection by smell. They cannot perceive them in any detail nor can they determine their location(s). Marshals will inform Wylderkin of such spirits in the area as if the spirits were within a Greater Earth Circle of Power that the Wylderkin was invested in.

The Isle LCO
Here is some information about phenomena on The Isle of Khar-Durai that adventurers have discovered in the past few years. Please bear it in mind for your character when attending Isle events:

- Emanation is an ongoing effect that PCs who are not native to the Isle of Khar-Durai ALWAYS feel:

- Emanation presents as low level sickness and lethargy, most prevalent when they first arrive on The Isle, or after returning from being away for any length of time greater than a few days.

- The higher your level OOG, the more sick you should feel IG; This is regardless of level cap, and should be based on PC max level potential. I.e., if your character card is registered in the CMA as level 45, you feel the effects of illness and/or lethargy much more than someone who is in the CMA at level 10. (Reminder: The Isle level cap for 2023 is 150XP *on stage*; character cards can be "built down" in the Freeplay CMA.)

-This is a roleplay effect, and it is the player’s choice to determine how their character manages these symptoms.

- If your PC is native to Khar-Durai, the effect is largely unfelt; please talk to plot for more personalized details (upon submission and approval of your character history)

The Mist Shroud:
- The locals of Khar-Durai state that the mist first appeared in the month of May, four years ago ((real year 2019)).

-Bennington and his people landed on Khar-Durai approximately 2 years after the mists came to Khar-Durai.

-Prior to that, no instances of travel to The Isle could be definitively confirmed; the prevalent rumor was that it is impossible to travel to. Even people who left the island never came back, so in general, most people didn't attempt this.

- Since its arrival 4 years ago, the noteworthy shroud of mist has remained encircling Khar-Durai.

Outside LCO MI Policy

 Any LCO magic items from other Alliance LARP chapters are also valid, in a limited capacity, at Alliance LARP NH events. These items must contain only rituals that exist in the National List in order to qualify for use at Alliance LARP NH events.

If you have a question about the allowance, at an Alliance LARP NH event, of an item that falls outside of this restriction, please contact the plot staff for that event.

Like all magic items, non-NH LCO items must be registered within the CMA for a given event. A player may only use whichever is lower between up to half of the campaign's current ritual cap (applies to Videa) or 40 total rituals (applies to Cinderfel and The Isle) of such non-NH LCO magic items at an event. These rituals will count towards any ritual cap for that Alliance LARP NH campaign.

None of these non-NH LCO rituals are considered to be on the Exempted list, and they will all count towards an Alliance LARP NH campaign’s ritual cap.

If a character is already at or above the ritual cap for an Alliance LARP NH campaign with NH LCO and/or Restricted magic items that are all Spirit Linked and/or Spirit Locked on their person, they will not be able to benefit from this policy.

LCO Ritual policy

For information on the current LCO Ritual Policy please contact
Dustin S

In Between Games Actions

Eligibility: You may submit an In-Between Game Action after an event you attended or pay-no-played. An IBGA submission informs Plot what your character would attempt to accomplish before the next event.

A player may only submit an IBGA for only one of their characters per IBGA submission period between events. This does not need to be the same character that was registered for the event.

Deadlines: Submissions are due by the Monday one week after the event at 11:59 PM. For example IBGAs from the May 4-6 event are due May 14. The winter deadline will be 11:59 PM December 31. If you submit your request after the deadline, we cannot guarantee a response.

Solo or Group activities: You may submit an individual or group action. A player who did not attend/pay-no-play may have their character included in a group write-up that includes at least four qualifying players’ characters.

Group submissions must have the emails of every participant included properly on the form, and every participant must send Plot a confirmation that they are in fact participating. One coordinating participant in the group should fill out the Google Form for submission and include the emails of all participants. Google Forms generates a receipt that is sent to all listed emails and participants can reply directly to Character Plot through this receipt. All confirmations must be received within the one week following the submission deadline.

If you submit an IBGA as part of a group, please do not also submit a solo action unless it is very concise (a letter to an NPC, for example). Please submit a form for the solo action that notes intended participation in the group action as well.

Guidelines: Time in between events is limited, but if you do wish to travel, you can easily travel around Unmei. Also if you wish to travel to other local islands, if there are ships destined for them, you may be able to go to them. Once you are on the high seas though, it can get treacherous and you may or not make it to your destination.

Because it can not be known if the casting of a ritual will succeed or fail until actually cast, following the standard ritual casting rules of Alliance, players should not expect to automatically cast a ritual during an IBGA. If a player would like to cast a ritual effect as part of their IBGA they will need to do one of the following:

1) At the event before the IBGA is submitted, let the plot team know they would like to cast a ritual as part of their upcoming IBGA submission. The player will then need to work with Plot to cast the ritual using all the standard rules for casting a ritual before the event ends so the outcome can be known by the plot team. The player does not need to know the whole of their IBGA submission at that time or have the full IBGA ready, just that they are going to cast a ritual as part of it. For purposes of casting the ritual, the player can treat their high magic pool as if it were a new logistics period since the casting of the ritual IG would be taking place at a later time.

2) As per the NH chapter policy regarding the purchase of LCO ritual scrolls or effects ( any player as part of their in between game action submission may include that they are spending Goblin Stamps to gain the use of certain rituals. The rituals that can be purchased this way are indicated with an asterisk in the attached link, and if purchased as part of an IBGA automatically succeed without the need for any rolls or components. The character the IBGA is submitted for does not need to be able to cast rituals themselves in order to purchase a ritual effect in this manner. No notice of intent to use said ritual needs to be given to the plot team prior to the submission. The player must indicate in their IBGA submission that they are spending goblin stamps to do the ritual in their IBGA submission, and if multiple players are involved in the submission, must indicate which player is spending the Goblin Stamps.

Responses: As a Live-Action Roleplaying Game, we aim to have important moments take place during the game. It is possible that the response to a submission will be “this will be handled-in game”. Please be patient while we find a way to make your request happen during an event.

Some submissions may receive the response that an action is approved. For example, we are happy to know if your character goes to see their parents and their childhood cat while they reflect on what has happened to them recently. It is possible that Plot will confirm this could take place, with no further response.

Some actions cannot take place during an event and IBGAs serve the purpose of allowing for them. Some mundane actions that are submitted may encounter the unexpected. Plot response will inform you of the results of your attempted action. Players with questions about a response are welcome to ask by email, or speak with the writer of their response or player of the central NPC involved during downtime at game if that person is available. In the event that clarifying information is given in person, it is the player’s responsibility to include the main points of that conversation in their next submission to character plot so that it will be in our records. Any information not emailed for confirmation potentially may not be recorded into canon.

Submission: Please send IBGA submissions to using the following format.
Player’s Name(s) and email(s):
Character’s name(s):
Goal: [Choose a quick descriptive phrase - Research, Travel, Contact NPC, Train, Labor… Other?]
Specific Task/Strategy: [Identify the content within the goal subject you selected. This may be a bulleted list.]
Relevant Resources: [Note character skills, related backstory experiences, or current IG affairs/networks/resources that may assist in accomplishing the goal.]
Additional Comments: [Anything you want to add that you feel does not fit in one of the above categories.]

Mint Purchase Policy

Mint LCO Currency Discontinued
The Mint LCO Currency is being retired.

Characters that still posses any Mint should be able to receive a return on their investment. However, plot staff will no longer be sending out encounters or active engagement for this plotline. With that in mind any players who would like to redeem any Mint that their characters currently posses should contact Dustin ( to work out the details of the resultant in game purchase(s).

Thank you to everyone who participated in this economic plotline while it was running.

Mint Workstations

Specialized LCO Workstations are now available and can be purchased for 20 Mint each.

Workstations come equipped with the tools and instructions necessary to produce items that are similar in function to regular production items, but that are made using differing methods as well as alternate materials. Such materials are readily available from NPC merchants who are willing to trade them in exchange for Mint.

Like Workshops there is a unique Workstation for each of the production skills and they can only be used by one person per Logistics Period. All of the same information that is recorded on a Workshop tag is also recorded on a Workstation tag such as owner, location, and production type.

The user of a workstation can utilize a related Production Skill to produce appropriate LCO Production Item tags following the normal rules for Production Skills, such as Batching costs, except as noted in this policy.

When using a Workstation Mint is spent to fund the expenditure of Production Points rather then coin. One Mint will cover the cost of spending 5 Production Points to create items within the first batch of production during a Logistics period. In later Batches this cost increases as normal. In this manner two Mint would be required to cover the cost of spending 5 Production Points to create items within the second batch of production, and three Mint would be required for 5 Production Points in the third batch.

The Production Points and Batches that are the result of the use of a Workstation are tracked separately from a characters regular Production Point expenditures and Batches during the same Logistics Period. Due to this a character might be in their third batch for the purposes of producing regular production items while at the same time only be in their first batch for the purposes of producing LCO production items.

A Workstation may be used in conjunction with an appropriate Workshop if they are in the same general game location as each other. In this case the Workshop will double the characters base Production Points for both their regular production item batches and their LCO production item batches for that Logistics Period